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Artists and sculptors from Viktor-Art sc HJP Zajdel - Exclusive Wood Sculpture have been providing the highest quality sculptures on the European market for almost 30 years.

Our company is located in a small rural village Miejsce Piastowe at the foot of the Carpathian arc on the south-eastern border of Poland.

The founders and owners of Viktor-Art sc: Halina and Józef S. Zajdel together with their son Patryk Zajdel set their common personal goals to promote traditional Polish wood crafts around the world.

Artists from Viktor-Art have mastered and developed painting and sculpting techniques that are unique and highly valued by even the most demanding customers.

The skills of our Polish artists are also appreciated in the most prestigious sculpture locations, such as Val Gardena, Italy, where for decades we have been supporting some of the well-known sculpting companies in the production of sculptures.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide offer of woodworking!

About us Viktor-Art

1991 +

Foundation of the company "Pracownia Rzeźby w Drewnie"

The company was founded by Halina and Józef Zajdel.

Construction of the first multi-spindle copier. Refining the way of carving and painting. Training in Italian polychrome techniques. 

year 1995

Polish sculpture on the Italian and German market

Wholesale production of high quality sculptures and ornaments for the Italian market (Val Gardena) and the German market.

YEAR 2010

Joining the Polish Association of Artists

The studio's founders, Halina Zajdel and Józef S. Zajdel join the National Association of Artists

2012 +

Establishment of Viktor-Art sc

Beginning the production of sculptures and bas-reliefs on the Polish market under our own brand. Implementing new designs and opening distribution channels in the field of sacral sculptures. 

All our sculptures and bas-reliefs are available in the online store

2013 +

Implementing innovative solutions

Expansion of the machine park with a numerically controlled machine, 3D scanning capabilities and virtual processing of models.

First orders for renovation of monuments, decorating altars, and production of church furniture.

2017 +

Wood adapted to our needs

Expansion of the company with its own high quality sawmill, vacuum and microwave dryer.


The expansion of this segment of the company allowed us to meet both, wood high quality, and thickness requirements for Scandinavian markets. 

2019 +

Innovation continues

Extending the machine park with a 3-meter CNC lathe, a 6-axis industrial robot, a large-size 6-axis CNC machine for the production of the most complex wooden elements, and a high-power fiber laser and CO2 for cutting metal elements and wood engraving machines.

Production of exclusive applied wood art for the French, Dutch and Scandinavian markets.

Renovation / reconstruction projects of ornaments and figures for organ cabinets and historic altars.

Our services Art Department

Viktor-Art Exclusive Wood Sculpture

Hand sculpting

The surface of wooden elements is 100% handmade.
Woodcarving at the highest level.

Carved items
Viktor-Art Exclusive Wood Sculpture

Hand painting

Painting, varnishing and refining wooden surfaces.
Renovation of historic sculptures. Renewal of polychrome.

Used oil paints

Our services Technical department

Viktor-Art Exclusive Wood Sculpture


CNC 3D milling, 4D and 5D wood, wood-based materials and aluminum, multi-spindle milling.

Individual projects
Viktor-Art Exclusive Wood Sculpture

3D scanning and design

3D scanning of real models. Virtual machining and 3D design. Reverse engineering. Figure scaling.

Scanned models

Our short realizations

Team Managing

Halina Zajdel


Viktor-Art - Art Department
Designing, painting and manual processing of wood.

Józef S. Zajdel


Viktor-Art - Technical and Artistic Department
Woodcarving, multi-spindle and CNC milling.

Capt. Patryk Zajdel


Viktor-Art - Implementation of Foreign Projects, CNC Milling, Scanning and 3D Projects.

OCIMF OVID inspector, management systems auditor and safety representative for oil and gas majors.   

Contact with Viktor-Art

Viktor-Art logo

Viktor-Art sc HJP Zajdel

ul. Szkolna 26, Miejsce Piastowe
38-430 Place Piastowe

NIP: 684-253-95-24
Code: 180348516


Telephone contact

Mobile phone.+48 509 947 669
Mobile phone.+48 602 229 375

Mobile phone.+48 513 153 731
(3D scanning, 3D design,
CNC machining)

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